Access JpegXR buffer after encoding

Access JpegXR buffer after encoding

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Ihave writtena program to successfully encode RGB buffers to JpegXR files.

I'm usingthe uic sample codes provided in "w_ipp-samples_p_7.0.7.064\\\\ipp-samples\\\\image-codecs\\\\uic\\\\src\\\\application\\\\uic_transcoder_con".

However, now, I need to access the JpegXR image buffer (with headers and everything) after encoding, and not write them to file at all. Is this JpegXR image buffer "BaseStreamOutput& out" in "jpegxr.cpp"? How can I prevent writing to JpegXR files?

"jpegxr.cpp" //found in sample code

  CIppImage&        image,

  PARAMS_JPEGXR&    param,

  BaseStreamOutput& out)


// Some code....
if(ExcStatusOk != encoder.WriteHeader())

      return IE_WHEADER;
if(ExcStatusOk != encoder.WriteData())

      return IE_WDATA;
if(ExcStatusOk != encoder.FreeData())

      return IE_RESET;
// Some more code...


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In the UMC sample code, there is a memory buffer output (\ipp-samples\image-codecs\uic\src\io\uic_io). You can use the memory buffer output, other than file output.


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