Local Workflow Invocation

Local Workflow Invocation

I need to invoke a local workflow to another workflow which contains in the same application. How to achieve this?

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Hi,We have "WorkFlow Inovcation" action builder forthisIn order for it to work we need allow local workflow invocation this will be under Transport section of ReceiveRegards,Vikrant Pawar

Hi Vikrant,
I have used that action builder and infact I have checked the option "Allow local workflow invocation" in the workflow which I need to invoke. But still I cant able to invoke that. Can you please send me a sample bundle which achieves this?

Hi,Please find samplet applicationWorkFlowInvocation attached.~ Vikrant Pawar


Download WorkFlowInvocation.tgz704.02 KB

Thanks Vikrant. I need to have some global variables assigned in one workflow to be used in another workflow ( I have invoked that workflow in this). How to achieve this?

One way to do this will be to create Custom XML schema, That will hold all reqired data and pass it as Invocation Request variable,~ Vikrant Pawar

Vikrant. Sorry Im new to this. Could you explain me

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