missing docs?

missing docs?

are there docs missing as i saw references to it but they don't exist within the docs folder from the free SDK ?
because i've been puzzled by a couple of things,
for one i would like to know how to set up a map made of several "tile meshes" connected together

and when a person walks a set distance from the center of a tile the one he's walking towards should load

i've seen some classes and functions in the example but they aren't actually used and if, not in the way i intend to

any pointers? or anyone with info about the docs?

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Hey supwiththat-Do you have the User Guide in the Docs folder in the zip file you downloaded from Havok.com? That should describe the different types of shapes available. Specifically:Havok Physics > Creating a Simulation > Shapes > Mesh ShapesTake a look there and let me know if that is what you are looking for.-Josh

Josh Developer Support Engineer Havok www.havok.com

i think you must check for user guide. or follow the josh says.i think that will work.

@bestofshayariAre you just trolling the forums?

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