License question regarding LUA scripting

License question regarding LUA scripting

I am currently developing my own Shooter/Adventure Game under the Free Havok License.
Now i want to move the game logic code to LUA script. It should be possible to define game entities like Weapons, Enemies, Items etc. and to influence the game by spawning some of these entities in the World, generating the terrain, or even pause stepping the physic world but it should not be possible to access any Havok function directly.
E.g. define a Weapon with its model, firepower, ammo or whatever and give it to the player. Also the User Inerface and other user interactions should be "scripted" in LUA.
The Executable will be linked statically to the Havok and LUA libs so the release of the game would consist of the exe and the lua files(and also the data files).

Does this still fall under Free License?Even if the scripting possibilities grow so much that its possible to create "mods" of my game?

Many thanks, also for the great instriction videos on youtube, a little late for me to learn the basics but still a good help, and of course for the great work on Havok.

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as long as you are not selling your game more than 10$, everything is good with the Free license.
There is nothing else specified so I think it's good for you :)


First thanks for the quick answer. I was concerned because I think I read that Middleware does not fall under the free license and I want to add more and more scripting oppertunities so you maybe could call it some kind of game engine with several moddifications(For example like the Half-Life Engine with all the famous Mods ).
Are there any other things I have to care, regarding the Free License, if I want to release an early version if my game for free?
I think I saw the Hovok logo in a few games, do I have to tell the user the game uses Havok?
And one last question, if I distribute my game for free, am I allowed to earn some money by advertisements on the download website, or other indirect ways (selling special Items, Addons, e.g.)?


Hi Tom,

You should be fine with including scripting in your engine and using website ads, etc (as long as the game retails for <= $10), but you do need to mention the use of Havok in the game credits and any game packaging or press.

That said, you should have received a copy of the license (Havok Limited Use License Agreement for PC XS....txt in the root directory)with the package(s) you downloaded. You should reference that doc for the best-most-technically-correct information.


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