Thanks for all the helps and here's the result after the looooong 5 months

Thanks for all the helps and here's the result after the looooong 5 months

Especially manythanks toCormac!The game title is the name of the planet Gelises851 (how original~~~~! lol)and here's the 1st video that's about theSystemhere's the one for Enemy Types, and if you don't care about the enemies, skip to Gameplay XDThis is the gameplay footage! ( and the music reminds me the Gundam series from the 80th :3 )and then this blogger page. It will bethe talking about troubleshooting and things. no matter good or bad or advice, fell free to drop by!Enjoy~Regards, Hiro

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Hey Hiro,

Fantastic results!
I loved the videos, especially the first one with ragdoll animation/IK etc.
Will the game/demo be available for download?


Hi Cormac!!And thanks a lot!That mean I'm probably doing not too bad XDSo nice to hear from you after a while XDYes, it will be downloadable within few days, I'd say most likely be this Sunday.As I'm filling up my resume and doing school assignments...(oh wow...)I'll be doing some cleanups (especially the rubbish files) before the upload :)Regards, Hiro

Great, I'm looking forward to playing it next week so!
Best of luck with the school assignments :)


sorry for the late xpmy girlfriend's friend came fromSeattle, and needs to show her around.didn't think it would took us whole day though.anyway! here's the executable!
feedback is most welcome :)btw, like I called it keyframe state, keyframe animation, keyframe animated...I'm not even sure if this is correct lolIs there a term for not-keyframe animation?

Hey Hiro,

It's a really fun game. I like the flying, and the combat, and the progression of difficulty with multiple enemies of different types.
I love the physicality of the animation with the driven ragdolls (I guess you'd call 'not-keyframe' animation, 'dynamic' animation). And the art is great too - particularly the design of the robots and the tutorial screens.

My main criticism is with the camera. I'd like to be able to aim and shoot while flying so the camera jerk when using the jump-jet is too distracting. I'd prefer the camera movement to be always smooth, and point where I want it.
Also, the camera clips through the ground, so you might consider using a raycast to place the viewpoint at the surface.

It's got great potential for adding different tactics, like maybe
grenades and single-use powerups like a big missile or a limited shield
for getting close and using melee attacks, or a single use super-powered melee attack. I guess you might not have
much time to work on it though.

I'm going to go back and play it some more after work.

It is nice to try your project, really nice realisations. Did you make the 3D modeling alone ?
I like some effects that you have in the Settings like the HDR or Bloom or the effect that make you
think it's an arcade game :)

I find that it was easier to control the robot in window mode. It's really hard when I try to lunch it in full screen.
Is it just me ?


hi Havokers!Sorry I was gone for soo long.I've completed another demo, here's the video. that it's not a Havok project XDI'd love to try it out using Havok, if the character is inside a block and I swap the color.hnnnn... fascinating, could be tricky!I do have an idea, but the truth, is never predictable.Meantime I've sent out some cv/resumes.heard it's hard for the foreigners to get a job in Japan :pI'll just have to kep on sending I guess.but I don't really want to program a card-game or a music-game...Thanks Cormac!I've seen the post on the 1st day it was up, but couldn't have time to reply to it.not-keyframe or dynamic? check!And yes, the camera was a problem, especially when the camera came close to the character.I've tried reducing the camera-following-speed judging by the distance, but don't seem to help XDright now, the camera just follow the character all around.I guess I could solve it by moving the camera's y, together with the character's y-velocity.raycast for the camera. check.I was thinking about the grenades all these days.when it explode, at the center of the explosion, should I use an enlarging mini-sphere?or should I use... ah...I recall there was a demo of wind blows on the objects.should I use that + the contact listener to inform the victim (to hp-- and make'em fall)?btw, it's probably mentioned somewhere in the docs...but I cannot seem to find it.what is the length-unit in Havok's world? like if vec.x = 1 then, is that a meter?A question, maybe it's classified. And don't bother to answer if it is :pDoes Intel has a plan to release Havok to the general Android phones? not just for the Xperia.I'd love to start a shooter project, and experiment with a new style of control scheme.No buttons everywhere. A method to aim, to shoot and to use grenades without using buttons.could be a good idea :pTo Kissy!thanks for trying out my demo!I made most of'em except the base-robot. did the variations too.and I like thetiling effect too XDWindows mode and fullscreen mode huh...was it because of the robots moving too fast?

Yes in fullscreen, it seems that the speed of the camera when moving your mouse is not fast enough and you have
to move your mouse a lot to make a small rotation of the camera :)

in that case... I'll have to look into that.I remember the last time I tested it using fullscreen was when I was at school.And it went alright.And then, like I've mentioned above, I try to fix the bumping issue.maybe that's where I did something wrong.Thanks to inform me that :)

Maybe the best would be to allow user to configure sensibility of mouse :)
I know that some players have different mouse sensivity.

ah, in that case, it's in the setting screen. the option is called "Camera Speed", the default is .35f, try set it to 1 or higher :)and you can set itpermanently if you use "ogBase_settingsModder.exe". I'm sorry about the name beinginconsistent:pI'll fix that.I should have made a scroll bar component... will see if I have time to do that XDbut I think atextarea is fine, as a demo :p

ha it's my bad then, I didn't found it before but now that I have set it up correctly it's better :)

Hey Hiro,

To your question about Android - Havok is supported on Android generally but unfortunately it's only for paying customers. As far as I'm aware, Intel has no plans to release a free version on any platform other than PC.

Not sure what to do about the camera.
Maybe some sort of damped spring motion, so that at least the worst bouncing gets filtered out?

For the grenade explosion, I'd try using a sphere shape phantom to find objects within the blast radius (using a getPenetrations query), and then apply an impulse to each object depending on its distance from the sphere's center.

The length unit in Havok physics is metres.
Because of numerical issues the simulation works best for dynamic objects between 0.1 and 10 units in size ("tennis balls to trucks"). The further outside that range you go, the more likely you are to see unrealistic behavior.

By the way, I forgot to say - the jetpack flying is my favorite thing! Not enough games have jetpacks.


Thanks for the reply Cormac!sorry that I left for so long :plong story short, me had a chance to work in Capcom, but oh, failed...maybe I should go to America, even theindie games look more interesting over there :pthanks for the info, so nice to see the Havok has the Android supported, and guess I will just have to save up some bucks first.I've fix the camera by applying the ragdoll.velocity.y to the camera.position.ythe only problem that's left is the characterProxy, as it won't stay close to the ground.and also since the m_maxSlope is 90 degree by default. that meansimagestart from the left,the character can WALK onto the blue wall, (which is not right)but cannot walk onto the red wall next to it. (which is cool)and even the 2nd red platform is very low, the character is unable to walk onto the platform (which is not right)is there a variable like a... elevationtolerance or some sort I can set to fix this?I also did the grenade, but I altered it a lilo.although I did a projectile calculation at first, but then when I looked into thecurrent resources I had...I've changed it to a charge-shoot. easier for me to hack it up.also fixed some bugs too. the IK for instance.hey, speaking of jetpack shooter. there's 2 new ones,Tribes: Ascend andHybrid :p

Hey Hiro,

Sorry to hear you didn't get the job, but don't worry - you've got talent so there'll be others.

I wasn't able to see the image you linked, so I'm not sure what the problem could be.
If you're having trouble with getting the character to climb steps a typical solution is to use a sort of pencil-shape for the character proxy rather than a capsule. That way the sides of the cone slide up the steps instead of getting caught.

And in the field of jetpack-and-robot games, I think this might be an interesting one to look out for:


thanks a nd congrats buddyi loved alll of your video especially 2nd and 3rd one.good work keep it up.

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