Havok powered game @ IGF 2012 trailer

Havok powered game @ IGF 2012 trailer

I'm glad to announce that our Havok "Free" license powered game "Glare" has been accepted to IGF 2012.http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2012.php?id=270We're using Havok for many stuff inside the game (Physics & Animation) and for future projects. Personally I've been working on the proprietary rendering engine.I take this moment to say a big thanks for forums admin who help us bring this to life ^_^Anceschi Mauro3D Software EngineerIoN6 GaMeShttp://www.ion6.com/

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I dont think its the best place to post things like that.
The game has ho chance at IGF, unusual gameplay is most valued there, this "game" has none.

While I can agree with you that gameplay has nothing new your post is a little bit off. IGF was a good entry point for us. The final game we're working on will be very different fram the video trailer.Admin always says that they like to see Havok User's creations....this game is Havok based so I thought it was nice to share with the community so please have a break without any offence.Best Regards

Hi Mauro78,

It is always great to see some Havok powered games mentioned on the forums. Thanks for posting your progress. Let us know if you have any Havok questions as you develop your game further.

Good luck,

Developer Support Engineer Havok www.havok.com

Thanks Sean,We really hope to finish the game this spring/summer (also an Android port is in development I just played a very early build last week ^_^).Game will feature 4 levels....and it looks very well polishes in respect to the IGF submission.Really hope that for our next works we'll be able to enter on "Havok Strike" program ^_^ ...we'll see.Best RegardsAnceschi MauroIoN6 Games

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