Intel MPI for Windows - password for smpd.exe

Intel MPI for Windows - password for smpd.exe


The company I work for develops software for which we use the Intel MPI libraries.
As our customers install our product, they are prompted to give their
account username and password in order to successfully install the Intel
MPI runtime environment and subsequently execute the application we
develop. This is in itself not really a problem. However, we have one specific customer where all employees out of security reasons
are forced to change their password every 2 weeks. This is causing a lot
of confusion and friction since this means that the smpd.exe service has
to be stopped and reinstalled everytime the password has been changed or our software fails to run.

Is there any way to get around this and not have to set the password
more than once, this customer is very important to us??


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If the customer policy allows a group which has the right to execute this application and nothing else, and that password is allowed to be unchanged or to be automatically provided at run time to the members of that group, you might get around the need to restart the service.

Hi Cathleen,

It not clear what the problem is. A customer doesn't need to reinstall smpd after changing his password. It seems to me that registering new password will be enough. Just suggest using of 'mpiexec -register' command and after typing new password it will be stored encryptred in the Registry.


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