Parallel API's

Parallel API's

Hello,I'm working as a developer at a company where we develop surgical simulators.About a year ago I tried out TBB in an experimental setup and was satisfied with the performance increases I gained in the test environment.We use c++ as our main programming language for the simulation, our target OS is Windows 7 and we currently use intel processors.Do you have any references where I can compare and read about different API choices concerning parallel programming?I have used TBB just a littlle from the previous test but generally I just want to make sure that I know what I have to stick with when the time comes for me to make a technical choice.Best Regards,David

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There is a nice paper by Charles E. Leiserson and Ilya B. Mirman which introduces some of the available choices for parallel programming in section 5.

This is just a small introduction which discusses each platform very briefly. You can then consult additional material on each of them.

Thank you.
Will help as a starting point.

Hi,may be this link will be of some help

>>...>>Do you have any references where I can compare and read about different API choices
>>concerning parallel programming?
Please take a look at:

AMD's Accelerated Parallel Processing ( APP )technology

NVIDIA's GPU APIs & Cuda technology

Microsoft's C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism ( AMP )technology

Best regards,

Please see the link for parallel programming in .net

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