Mallanox WinOF & Intel MPI On Windows

Mallanox WinOF & Intel MPI On Windows

I try to run my program using the following commandsmpiexec -n 2 -hosts 2 MACHINE-01 MACHINE-02 mpitest_c.exeHowever, it prompts me saying that the dapl fabric is not available.I have verified that the Mallanox WinOF is installed.However, I cannot find the file /etc/dat.conf.Is it being renamed and placed in other directories?Or is there other issues that I need to take note of?Thanks.

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With only 2 nodes, wouldn't rdma be better than dapl? I assume you have it working with socks.


The correct command line should look like:
mpiexec -hosts 2 PHITEN-01 #of_processes1 PHITEN-02 #of_processes2 mpitest_c.exe
In your case it should be:
mpiexec -hosts 2 PHITEN-01 1 PHITEN-02 1 mpitest_c.exe

dat.conf may be located in different directories - it depends on your installation. Please check "c:\DAT" directory.
WinOF may also be located in different directories but usually it resides in "c:\program files\winof"


Good Day,I have discovered that Mallanox WinOF 2.0.7 on Windows 2003 does not have the DAT functionality.What I have done is to install the generic installer that is available in OpenFabrics Alliance.The url is remember to update the firmware for your HCA connector.Thanks.

Thanks, Aaron, for sharing with us!


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