Intel Atom one processor

Intel Atom one processor


is itpossible to install XP on N series ATOM processor ?

can anybody provide the list of sotware that can be installed for ATOM once processor?

eg. Visual studio Version, MS office Version, IE version...

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It depends on the hardware vendor. The processor is only a part of the whole system. To answer your question, Atom processor itself will work fine to run XP and any of the above mentioned apps, but the rest of the hardware configuration might prevent this.

You can install anything 32-bit on that chip. The compatibility list is exactly identical to 32-bit Intel chips(like Core Duo, Core 2 Duo running 32-bit mode, Pentium 4, pre-AMD Athlon 64).

Ganesh: Really? Why would a program be inhibited to install because of non-CPU components?

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