Sample upnpsg file for Intel AV Media Controller

Sample upnpsg file for Intel AV Media Controller

Is there a way to export stack from the Intel AV Media Controller (written in C#) to the Device Builder, so it can generate an embedded Microstack for Media Controller device? A sample upnpsg file for av media controller would be very helpful.

Device Builder doesn't see a running Media Controller, when I try to "Open from Network." Also, I cannot find AV Media Controller upnpsg in the examples provided.

Thanks, Jacek

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Actually, is it possible to use Device Builder to generate AV Media Controller stack?
Thanks, Jacek

Yes exist a way to make that It might be what you want: 
- Providing Squeeze library's metadata would be part of the server wrapper anyway. 
- You need to push data into Squeeze player and react to status changes of Squeeze player in either case - this is pretty much what UPnP players are all about Jocuri Barbie.
- You need to query the Squeeze library and provide the results in a structured manner in either case - that's pretty much what UPnP servers are all about. 

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