Ragdoll with twist links problem

Ragdoll with twist links problem

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I'm a professional animator and I just started playing around with ragdoll setups but I seem to expierience ''skinning '' problems when my Biped contains Twist links. I'm usingMax 2008 and Character Studio. I've implemented twist links in both the forearms and the thighs. The ragdoll tutorial also shows a character using twist links in the forearms but with any other biped I work with the limbs ''detach'' from the physics ghosts in the previewer.

I used SKIN modifier to rig my charactereven thoughthe tutorial file used Physique but I doubt if that's what's causing the problem.

I hope the attached pic helps to clear things up.

Thnx in advance for any help;)


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Heya Animich,

If you look in the BlendTest demo code (DemoDemosAnimationApiRagdollBlendTestBlendTestDemo.cpp), around lines 530 to 560 you can see twist links being remapped. I believe you'll have to do something like this after you've loaded in your asset in order for your ragdoll to behave correctly when physically simulated.


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Hey Daniel,

Thanx for your reply.

I haven't checked the SDK yet so I'll have a look at it (or have a coder look at it for me;)


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