PC Game distribution license

PC Game distribution license


On this page http://www.havok.com/content/view/622// it is said that if I want to sell my game based on Havoc I need to get this PC Game distribution license. I've filled the form, and then it said they're not going to answer me because my email is on Gmail. What does that mean? Will you only deal with large enough studios? Will you require a demo, or even a finished game? Are there other requirements? Because on that page it says that there will be no license fees, and "you can begin developing your game immediately after downloading." Well, I'd like to be sure that I'll not be turned down before I invest my resources in Havoc.

To the community: has anybody received this PC Game distribution license yet?

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Are you selling the game for more than $10?

The license that is included when you download the free pc version allows you to sell pc games you make with it up to $10.


Yes, I'm planning to sell for more than 10$. No point selling a non-trivial game for that sum, one may as well just make it freeware.

Hi rednoise,
I'll make sure that the appropriate people know about the problems with the form.

I have no idea what the submission process will consist of, but as you mentioned, it's probably best to at least get the process moving before you get too tied to Havok...


Thanks, Chris. I'm sure many independent developers would benefit from ability to get this license.

Hi all:

Our apologies for the confusion on this.

We certainly plan to respond to everyone regardless of email domain.

This part of our process is still manual for better or worse and we are trying to catch up.

The language on the redistribution page, though slighly ominous, is just meant to help avoid spam filters that many consumer ISP's put in place, which would prevent an automated Havok response from reaching you.

If you received an automatic email response when you first requested the redistribution agreement, that's actually a good/positive sign. You can trust we have your request and will process it asap.

If you submited and did not receive an automated response to your submission, and you have a email domain or ISP or span filter that you suspect may be catching the response from Havok, please double check in your junk mail, etc. If you suspect it has been filtered, please feel free to reapply with the same email domain with filters disabled, or use a different email.

No matter what, we will endeavor to process all requests asap.



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