Array Viewer sources

Array Viewer sources

I am an avid user of the Array Visualizer. I have downloaded the Array Visualizer runtime library source files and have had the occasion to make a few changes in the runtime library to suite my needs.

However, the Array Visualizer, as used in an application,launches an instance of the ArrayView.exe and AvMemFLSvr.exe as seperate processes on the system. AvCRT and AvFRT launches and communicates with these processes.

When running my application for long periods and with refreshing of the displayed graphs I notice what appears to be a memory leak in ArrayView.exe.

The ArrayVisualizer software development kit includes the source files for AvCRT and AvFRT but does not include the source files for the ArrayView.exe, nor AvMemFLSvr.exe, nor Av.....exe.

Are the source files available for these other components?

Jim Dempsey
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No, sorry.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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