vtsaview --asm

vtsaview --asm

I have been unable to view annotated assembly code when using vtsaview. I can generate samples, events, and percentages data, but I cannot drill down to the assembly line.

Should this feature work?

The binary was compiled with gcc 3.4, for x86-64 and Linux 2.4, -g3 -O3, and is not stripped. I have only used the PTU command line tools, and have not tried using the GUI.

Much thanks for any guidence.

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The feature should definitely work and it does. However, there was no plan to expose for users the "source view" in the command line mode therefore the options are not very well explained it may be a bit tricky to use it.For the same reasonthe chance that any suggested improvements for this CLI mode will be implemented is very small.

In short the CLI (command line interface) mode for the source view is not supported now.

I would advice you to try Intel PTU GUI. It has reach source view capabilities including disassembly mode, control flow graph, etc...

In case you will still need to use CLI reports take a look at the command(s) executed by GUI when you open SV. The are dumped to the file /tmp/ptu-log-${USER} . Just remove the --xml option to switch output into the human readable mode.

Here are some patterns and examples I may give after playing with GUI for several minutes:

vtsaview --sv --bin
-fn --dslinux --asm

vtsaview --sv --bin
--addr --dslinux --asm

vtsaview.exe D:my_experiment --sv --bin deviceharddiskvolume2my_appsvtunedemo_ia32vtunedemo.exe -fn usesse2 --ds linux --asm

In case the binaries of your application(s) changed there location after profiling session you should either use the --search-dir option or put/link them in any hierarchy under /binaries.


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