Processor frequency ranges for Xeon X5365

Processor frequency ranges for Xeon X5365


I am using Intel hardware for research, and in particular the capability to dynamically scale voltage/frequency using Enhanced Speedstep technology. I am looking to buy another Intel server with this capability, but before I buy I'd like to know what frequency ranges are supported by a particular processor.

Does anyone happen to know what frequency ranges are supported by Xeon X5365? It seems that it is impossible to find this information online, as if the only way to find out is to first buy the machine and then try it. This is not the best way, IMO.

It looks like the Conroe and Woodcrest BIOS Writer's Guide could have this information for X5365, but I cannot find this document on the web.

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Please refer to the processor datasheet for more frequency details. Here is a datasheet for the 7200 & 7300 processor series URL:

For the datasheet on the Intel Xeon Processor 5000 Sequence URL:

Here is the URL for the datasheet on the 5400 processor series:



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