915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family

915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family

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I have the above graphics card in my laptop. If I upgrade to Windows Vista, will I be able to use Windows Aero? Is there a certain driver that I need to upgrade to to be able to have Aero? Is it possible to change a graphics card in a laptop? Thank you.

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never mind, i found the big long thread about it.

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> never mind, i found the big long thread about it.

Have you ? Can you please point me to it ? The only thing I've found

are snippets of deleted posts (now that'sweird..)!!! Plus this:


Q5: Why doesn't the Intel 915 Express chipset family support Windows Vista Aero?
The overall graphics architecture and design of the 915 Express chipset family (with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 graphics engine) was finalized prior to Microsoft releasing details and specifications around the Windows Display Driver Model driver and running the Aero interface. Given this, there are hardware limitations that would limit graphics performance and memory capabilities when attempting to run WDDM on Vista with the 915 Express chipset architecture. Intel addressed these hardware limitations with the desktop and mobile Intel 945 Express chipset families, so Intel provides support for WDDM drivers beginning with the Intel 945 Express chipset family and beyond.

Frankly, this is VERY surprising. My "Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family" display adapter can run World of Warcraft in 1920x1200 with satisfying performance and Intel is telling that it can't display a few transparent windows ?... Could someone provide a more detailed explanation here ?

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An Intel technician/developer (what are you, Chuck? :P) stated that drivers will be availible shortly. This was then removed, as Intel obviously have no plans for releasing the drivers

My GUESS is that they started working on a driver, but then stopped because they run into technical difficulties.

The problem is that WDDM drivers are so much more than just having 2.0 shaders in hardware. They also allow for a kind of "multitasking", so that several applications can utilize the chips at once. It might just as well be this that is causing problems and not just the raw 3d performanceof the chip.

Considering the massive ammount of criticism that Intel has received on this part, it might be a good idea to divulge a little more information about why development stopped. I'm running RC2 right now, and I must say that I really don't need aero to use it. Hopefully, Microsoft will improve the theme a bit until final release, though. :)

The Linux drivers are open source, IIRC, so if you really, really, really want the driver, then download the source code and make you own!

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Here we go again,

Let's take the chance before this post to be deleted like the others, :-). Go to the http://www.petitiononline.com/intel915/petition.html


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