Welcome to the Manageability Software Development Forum

Welcome to the Manageability Software Development Forum

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Welcome to the Manageability Software Forum. This forum is meant to discuss topics related to Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) software development. This is also the place to discuss topics related to the Intel AMT Reference Design Kit (RDK) and Intel AMT Setup and Configuration Service (SCS).

You will be interested in this forum if you are a software developer or application architect or developer developing manageability applications.

This forum will provide you access to Intel application engineers and technical marketing engineers that specialize in Intel AMT technology.

If you are posting code, what will work best is if you select "Edit as HTML" and use the


tags. You can probably get away with posting short segments directly.

Alternatively, users of Microsoft Internet Explorer can use the "SRC" button in the toolbar when composing messages can be used to insert source code with fixed formatting. A pop-up window will appear where you can enter or paste the source code - click Insert Source when done. Attachments are enabled.

If you have a problem with the forum, please let us know. I've started Introductions topic and welcome you to introduce yourself to the team and the community.

Ajay Mungara

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