mpich 1.2.6 and icc 9.0

mpich 1.2.6 and icc 9.0

Hi all,
I was wondering has anybody try to get intel icc and mpich 1.2.6 or higher build correctly?
platform fedora core 4 (em64t)
gcc 4.0(I know 4.0 is not currently supported)
checked the obvious already:
sourcing the

I'm getting undefined reference _intel_fast_memcpy
eventhough it's defined in libirc.a
nm libirc.a |grep intel_fast_memcpy
0000000000000020 T _intel_fast_memcpy
0000000000000000 T _intel_fast_memcpy.A
0000000000000018 T _intel_fast_memcpy.J

CFLAGS=-xP -L /opt/intel/cce/9.0/lib -lirc -lcxaguard

thanks for your help

----------------undefined reference--------------
/opt/mpich.cce/lib/libmpich.a(dims_create.o)(.text+0xd6c):dims_create.c: undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memcpy'
/opt/mpich.cce/lib/libmpich.a(topo_util.o)(.text+0x220): In function `MPIR_Topology_copy_fn':
topo_util.c: undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memcpy'
/opt/mpich.cce/lib/libmpich.a(p4_sock_util.o)(.text+0x2696)4_sock_util.c: more undefined references to `_intel_fast_memcpy' follow
/opt/mpich.cce/lib/libmpich.a(queue.o)(.text+0x206): In function `MPID_Msg_arrived':
queue.c: undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memset'
/opt/mpich.cce/lib/libmpich.a(dmpipk.o)(.text+0x8b): In function `MPIR_Pack_Hvector':
dmpipk.c: undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memcpy'
/opt/mpich.cce/lib/libmpich.a(dmpipk.o)(.text+0x249): In function `MPIR_UnPack_Hvector':
dmpipk.c: undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memcpy'

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I built mpich-1.2.7p1 just yesterday on an EM64T system using the Intel 9.0 compilers. Here's the sequence of commands that I used for the bash shell in the mpich directory:

> source /opt/intel/fce/9.0/bin64/
> source /opt/intel/cce/9.0/bin64/
> export FC=ifort
> export F90=ifort
> export CC=icc
> export CXX=icpc
> ./configure
> ./make

That should work correctly.

Best regards,

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