'X' disabled in Dialog application

'X' disabled in Dialog application

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When I create a simple dialog application using wizard the Close button in the upper right corner ('x') of the dialog is disabled.
If it is normal behaviour, how can it can be fixed?
The problem doesn't exists with dialogs in QuickWin.

Thank you.

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Solved. This was discussed before:

Reply from: hbell on December 16,2000 7:58pm
I discovered how to close a window by clicking the the upper right box from a dialog window: One of the control IDs must be "IDCANCEL". If at least one of the controls in the dialog window is named exactly "IDCANCEL" then clicking the upper right box will invoke this control with a cancel signal. Obscure indeed.

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You could also add the following lines to function DlgCommonProc in DFLOGM.F90:


else if (msg .eq. WM_CLOSE) then
id = iand(wparam, 16#ffff)
code = int(iand(ishft(wparam,-16), 16#ffff))
if (code.eq.BN_CLICKED) then
call DefaultPushbuttonCallback(dlg,id,code)

remember to declare id and code as integer.

This works for me,

Walter Kramer

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