Any more challenge after the mid 2010?

Any more challenge after the mid 2010?

Ritratto di Aldian
Damn, I need more time :D My app is estimated to be completed in June. I wish I knew about this challenge sooner.
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Ritratto di BrianDevArch

Intel has done a fantastic job at rewarding developers for their early adoption of the ATOM SDK. It is essentially a double bonus, since those involved now will have all the more experience. Keep a eye on this page for contest announcements:

Ritratto di Sachin Panchal

Hi Brain,

Waiting for next challenge of 2011.

Sachin Panchal

Ritratto di Chandra Destiawan

I wish I join sooner :D. So I have a chance to win a netbook for the 1st 100 application.

Wish Intel start a round two event to win a latest Intel Atom Technology netbook. Maybe "Cedar Trail" based?

Ritratto di Andre (Intel)

Hello Aldian,

just check our website regularly to not miss any upcoming announcements.
Also in the Dashboard/Profile you can switch on to receive EMails from the IADP.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

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