profile application on meego

profile application on meego

Hi all, Can anybody help me on profiling an application on meego running on intel atom. Is there any way that i can get the CPU load in MHz?? Thanks in advance,
Regards, Prashanth NS
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hiii... this is sabeena.. can u help me about exlaining abt this work

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Hi Sabeena,

If you are looking to develop applications for Meego platforms, you can use the Moblin SDK that is available on this link:

Follow the guides that are available on the above link and also the documents that comes with the SDK to understand how to use the SDK while developing your applications.

Currently the SDK is backward compatible with Meego, meaning that you can use the Moblin SDK to develop your applications for Meego platforms as you would do for Moblin platforms. However the Moblin AppUp(SM) Center is not supported on the Meego operating system yet. Hence your applications may get approved, but will not be available to download on Meego until the Meego version of the AppUp(SM) Center is released.

There is no Meego version on the AppUp(SM) yet available to download. The Meego version of the AppUp(SM) will come in the future. At this moment I do not have any information when this will happen. Please keep an eye on our forums for latest news and updates.

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to let us know and post your queries on the forums.


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Regards, DG Rooven

Hi Prashanthns: You can try running "top" to see processes loads.
Let me know if that does not work.

thanks ,
But i want to know the exact CPU cycles consumed by the application where are top gives the % of CPU utilization. Now I am using rdtsc() but problem with that is , it will count the cycles consumed by other applications too !!

Regards, Prashanth NS
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How about using shell to get the result of the ps command? Example:

ps -opcpu= -p #PID

* Source code for ps can be found here:

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