Status of my app

Status of my app

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Hello May i know the status of my submitted aplication for validation 3 days ago? the name of the App (Bat Game) Thanks
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normally validation takes about one week; so I guess you just have to wait some more days...

Best regards

Ritratto di Master-Eng -Pro

I have recieved e mail "Validation Success" and published .
I have seen My App on Appup Store.

Thanks a lot.


Ritratto di BlueInnovations

Great to see that your app got published. Very happy. Normally it takes 3-5 working days depends upon the quee

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I would like to add that this process is much improved from the beginning of the program. This improvement is attributed to feedback from us as well as hard work on the validation side of this.

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yeah, keep improving, because for now it is all a big JOKE.

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One great idea for you would be to consider putting in a block of code that, with your SUPER SLOW SERVERS, prevent users from accidental POSTING of the same message because few can sense when this server actually accepted the save click?

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