Regarding Component

Regarding Component

Ritratto di Sachin Panchal
Hi Guys, I am process of developing one component. (Correspond with my Uploaded Application). So When I click on Add Components inside my Application. I get following list of Option. Twitter Connector - Free RSS - Free Geolocation - Free DLL Wrapper - Revenue Share 10 % AppAble Library for Java - Revenue Share 10 % AppUp SDK Test Component 1 - Free AppUp Test Component 2 - Free Fork Particle Casual SDK - Revenue Share 2.5 % TEST-AgR CRC Component 02 - Revenue Share 10 % In-App Advertising and Monetization - Free AdpDLLWrapper - Revenue Share 10 % Ads in Free Apps 2 make Money - Free In-App Advertising and Monetization (C#) - Free TEST AGR composante1 - Revenue Share 17 % TEST-AgR 404 Test Component - Free So I want to know what's meaning of each option. Mainly "DLL Wrapper - Revenue Share 10 %" Option If price of my app is 0.99$ then what will we price of my component. And If I add component with separate components page. Then What will be more option there. Can I put my component price to my choice If I place that component within application ? Regards Sachin Panchal
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Hi Sachin,

Please see "What is Revenue Share?" here:

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
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For application development every detail about the product must be known to the developer.Before starting application some important points should be know about the benefits and the working of application after this application should be develop.

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