Web-application fail:UIX02 - User interface consistency

Web-application fail:UIX02 - User interface consistency

Hello Team, In the link www.globalperiodicals.com, under "Contact Us" tab, there are 2 e-mail addressess which are synchronised with Microsoft Outlook. Similarly, for the tab "New User Contact Us" on e-mail address is in sync with outlook. The sync works precisely from the URL. However, when I used this URL and generated a .MSI file for the web application, it ain't working and the application was rejected. It is the WebApp Generator which creates the .MSI package and what could I do to keep this sync active in the web application? Kindly suggest me a solution to publish my web application, as everything else is working fine. Many Thanks!
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I went through the url you provided and as you stated, if you click on any of the email, it opens Outlook for you to send an email, which is fine as long as you have outlook installed and have an email account defined.

If somebody does not use Outlook, clicking on any of the email, on Windows XP (for example), opens Outlook Express instead. However the user cannot send the email as they need to define an account in Outlook first. Without having defined an outlook account, it will generate Errors.

If you think you really require this feature in your application, when you submit your app for validation, you need to mention that there is a special requirement - users need to have Microsoft Outlook account defined.

I think this is the error that is causing your application to be rejected.

I hope this helps.


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Regards, DG Rooven

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