How can Linux developers upload MeeGo apps to AppUp // Authorization

How can Linux developers upload MeeGo apps to AppUp // Authorization

I'm trying to upload my apps to AppUp for entry in the Developer Challenge contest "August 29, 2011: Contest registration closes and all entries are due. By this time, all participants must have uploaded their application to the Intel AppUp(SM) developer program and completed the online registration form to the AppUp(SM) developer challenge." Unfortunately, I cannot upload my apps, even though they're ready to be uploaded. Two problems: (1) I do my development on Fedora using Firefox 6.0-1. When I get to the upload part of application submission, I'm told: ......... "Your browser doesn’t support uploading files on our site. to upload files on our site, please download and install a plugin below, then come back to this page and upload. You will need to restart your browser, so Save & Exit before restarting. Download Silverlight Download Google Gears" ......... Clicking on the google-gears link, It's only available for an ANCIENT version of firefox (3, which is a security hole, versus 6, the current stable version) and not available at all for 64 bit linux: ................ Gears is deprecated and will no longer be available as of December 2012. System requirements Linux (details) 32-bit OS (64-bit not supported) Firefox 1.5-3.6 ................ (2) Another problem is .............. Use of the SDK Windows and Java Applications that do not use the Authorization in the AppUp SDK will be rejected [...] Applications that run without authorization will be rejected Note: For MeeGo applications, use of the AppUp SDK is recommended but not required. Use of the SDK is not required for Open Source applications. ............... So does this mean that my open-source apps needn't worry about authorization in the AppUp SDK? Just submit my existing MeeGo RPM's as-is? ... Fortunately, my apps are available on my website -- any chance someone from Intel app-up can upload them to my account? I guess I can go to a public library or something to get access to a windows system that has silverlight to upload my RPMs..... or hope that it'll somehow work from a Apple system I can access. I don't use windows at all. (Feel free to try these out and let me know how they work for you on your MeeGo netbook/tablet .. and check back often for updates). source: " svn checkout " meego rpm: harmattan deb: source: " svn checkout qtzibit " meego rpm: harmattan deb: Thanks.
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In desperation I clicked the "install silverlight" and was redirected to

In firefox 6, attempting to install this plugin gives a message that the plugin is incompatible w/ firefox6, which is the stable version, and firefox 8 being the current version. In other words, not very open-source friendly to not support firefox/fennec.

Trying google-chrome-stable-13.0.782.215-97094.x86_64 on my Fedora desktop ... it hung on the upload page, unlable to scroll or render to the upload area. However, on the hunch that it was hanging on a browser plugin (since very little in normal HTML/JavaScript can produce a hang to that level in chrome). So I decided to install the moonlight plugin into chrome.

I was able to successfully install the moonlight plugin ( ) into the brower. Also on MeeGo 1.2, running google-chrome-stable-11.0.696.71-86024.i386, was able to install .

Now when I browse the page in google-chrome, it doesn't hang, and gives me an upload button. I was able to use this silverlight/moonlight-based plugin to upload my RPM successfully.

I got a different error somewhere else, but that's probably due to my trying and failing so many times that the webserver got confused.

Even with silverlight/moonlight installed, no matter what, I'm unable to upload and have it accept the file and the assocuated information. Either it uploads the file, and then complains the version info and other data (which is entered) is missing. Or, it accepts the file and then loses all the other info, and then complains of all the info being missing. Go back and correct that and it loses the uploaded file. Upload another file and it loses the info. ...

Any suggestions on uploading my RPM?

Hi Niels,

I have requested that a validation TME contact you.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

Hi Niels,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. There is an issue with uploading rpm files and we are working on fixing it. I will let you know as soon as we fix it. On the second question on AppUp SDK integration, yes you can submit your rpm file for MeeGo with the integration.


Hi Niels,

As we work on the fix for it, can you please try this workaround. Can you please rename the file(Change it from the original name but still keep it MeeGo Complaint) and upload it.


Using the following filenameing convention in the image below, I was able to upload:

I may need a little help after all :-)

I didn't realize that submitting my 'qmltube' port/fork for validation
would end up locking the project all weekend. Given the problems I had
uploading my RPMs, I had uploaded a not-quite-ready version last week
as a test-run. I had intended on uploading a final version before the
contest deadline of today, 3PM.

Is there any chance you could unlock or "reset validation" on my entry
so I can upload the latest RPM and source; alternately, would it be
possible to just replace the already-uploaded RPM and source-code entries for 'qmltube' with
the following:
29-Aug-2011 08:32 2.1M
29-Aug-2011 08:30 2.2M

The change allows the application to run properly on both netbook UX
vs tablet UX, which is one of the features of my port & fork, by customizing the "toplevel" and fullscreen aspects of the application depending on the platform. See for details.


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