Links within Encapsulator

Links within Encapsulator

Hello, Since the Encapsulator has no navigation options that would be found in a typical web browser, if a user clicks on a third party link that will direct them out of the site within the Encapsulator, there is no way for the user to return to the site, unless they close the Encapsulator app and re-launch it. Ideally, we would have all links contained to locations within the site (where the user would be able to navigate with the internal site links), however, our users may post links to external sites which would make it difficult to return back to the site packaged within the Encapsulator. Are there any plans to perhaps add the option of "forward" and "back" buttons for navigation purposes? Or would the defeat one of the purposes of the Encapsulator?
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To avoid this problem, you can use an iframe to load external pages linked and simulate browser options (with back/forward links, or "return to the app" ...). You just have to trigger the event of clicking on links.

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A web app I'm currently working on includes a link to my homepage for support etc. When using a href="http://......./" target="_blank", a new Qt window pops up, showing my page.
Sadly, as my app is fixed (small) window size, also the new Qt window is (which makes the webpage hard to read). I wonder if there is any possibility to rise the system's default browser rather than Qt with a link (SDK call even)? Thanks.

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