Can you allow for an option to not create the Meego files?

Can you allow for an option to not create the Meego files?

It's really a waste of time (and I'm sure server resources) to create the MeeGo files when they aren't needed.
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Hello polugio,

why? Some days ago I submitted 3 new HTML 5 apps and I also submitted the MeeGo versions:
I still get a reasonable number of downloads for my (free) MeeGo apps.

Especially in emergency markets there are still a larger number of MeeGo systems running.

Best regards

But im not submitting or testing for meego apps. It takes a few minutes to make the meego file. It usually takes me 5 or more times to get the settings just right before i have the msi file i want. Thats atleast 15 real minutes of waiting for a meego i dont want, per app.

Further, It compiles the meego files first and clutters up the finshed results list.

Im asking for an option for those of us not making meego apps.

If you leave the name of the Meego app blank, it will not generate the Meego package. This also holds true for Windows app, if you only want to build meego app.


Hello , i have a simple question about encapsulator at the time of submitting the web app for windows one file for meego also was made so i want to know whether any other type of procedure to sign the meego app or the same way as MSI. file signing .
so pls comment

Hello Master-Eng -Pro,

there is no need to sign RPM files for MeeGo at all.

Best regards

Hello, Andrew

Thanks for helpful information.

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