Error with hkTransform

Error with hkTransform

Hi Everyone,

I'm getting an breakpoint when i try to get the current transform of a Rigidbody (an static scenario and a group of boxes), loaded from an *.HKX File, this happened since I downloaded and installed the lastest Havok Free Binary Version 2012 This happens when I try t call:


on my source Code the function is:

HRESULT MSPGGeometry::OnRender( IDirect3DDevice9* pd3dDevice, D3DXMATRIX ViewProj ){



D3DXMatrixRotationX(&rX, 0.0001f);

D3DXMatrixRotationX(&rY, 0.0001f);

D3DXMatrixRotationX(&rZ, 0.0001f);

hkTransform thr;

if(m_CollisionModel !=0 ){

thr = m_CollisionModel->getTransform();


thr.get4x4ColumnMajor((hkFloat32*)Mat); //HERE IS THE BUG/ERROR/BREAKPOINT


//m_Matrix = }else


D3DXMatrixTranslation(&Mat, thr.getTranslation()(0),


thr.getTranslation()(2) );



printf("elemento Nulo %s\n",  m_gInfo.tCollisionModel);


m_Matrix = Mat;

m_Matrix = m_Matrix*(rX*rY*rZ);

m_3DModel->RenderWithPRT(pd3dDevice, &(m_Matrix*ViewProj),true);

return S_OK;


Im working with VS 2010 Ultimate, Directx 9 SDK Febrary 2010, 3DS MAX 2011, and Havok Physics,Animation SDK 2012 R1,

Thanks, I Will waiting for you support

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Hi michael:

Are you using SIMD version or not? D3DXMATRIX is not 16 bytes alignment guaranteed. And a SIMD style copy happened in hkTransform::get4x4ColumnMajor(...) need 16 bytes alignment parameter. You can try to use D3DXMATRIXA16 or no-simd version.

If you still have problem,can you build a fulldebug multithread dll version, and try to trace down the problem? For example, make sure the value in hkTransform is correct...


Joe Developer Support Engineer Havok

Hey Havok_Joe thank you very much,
there was the bug, now all its ok, and thanks for your quick response

Michael Guerra

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