Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge - Country eligibility restrictions

Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge - Country eligibility restrictions

I just want to suggest that the country eligibility criteria will be reconsidered to include developers from other countries, because: many good applications can be created by developers in other than the 11 eligible countries. Plus, Intel has offices in 63 countries around the world, so why close the opportunity from ideas from 52 countries.

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Related to the topic of this suggestion, I have two questions considering the challenge:

From the FAQ which reads " Why are some countries not on the list of eligible entrants? We worked hard to include as many countries as possible in Phase 1, keeping in mind legal rules for contests and certification requirements for the Creative* camera kit in various countries. This is just the beginning of the Challenge, so keep an eye out for more opportunities to participate and win in future phases -- sharpen your skills with the SDK in preparation." my assumption is that there will be future challenges for other countries. Is this correct?

We are an international team of German and Chinese developers (so we are citizens of the eligible countries for phase 1), but we are based in Sweden. From my interpretation of the rules, this makes us not eligible for the first phase of the contest, but we would have to wait that Sweden would come up in another phase of the contest. Is this correct?

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