Integration of Intel software with Visual Studios - UI issue

Integration of Intel software with Visual Studios - UI issue

I found one issue related to integration of Intel software with Visual Studios. When the right mouse button is clicked in the Solution Explorer a popup window is displayed and it is too tall. I wonder if All items related to Intel Software products could be combined under one menu item ( "root" / parent item ) with all the rest sub-menu items for every software product ( child items ) integrated? Please consider it as a feature request related to UI improvements of integration with a Visual Studio. The very tall popup window invoked from the Solution Explorer doesn't look good on laptops or netbooks with display sizes less than 14" ( even on 15.6" display the popup window reaches a limit ). A screenshot is attached. Thanks in advance.

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Here is a screenshot:


Download inteltoolswithvss.jpg99.58 KB

Thanks for your feedback. 

Yes, it's kind of messy. I'll file a ticket to see what can be done. 


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