about Havok Vision Engine

about Havok Vision Engine


 I need some technical information about the Havok Vision Engine, and i am not sure the sales guy will be able to tell me.

I am building a simulation software and already use Havok Physics. This lib is great in many aspects than, perhaps, Vision Engine can be similar.

What i need is a scene managment (also called SceneGraph Managment) that i could use to replace the SceniX from nvidia that i am using rigth now.

I will not use any tool that is not by conventional C++ code (like a level editor) because everything is very dynamic. All can change programmatically.

Some features i already use from SceniX:

[collada file loader;  scene graph manipulation;  integration with Qt (they still need some work however);  Cg shaders; ]

all this "by hand", i mean, using C++ code to integrate inside a widget in my application as the visualizer of the simulation.

Can Vision Engine provide this?

thanks in advance

- Luis

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