Cluster programming

Cluster programming

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Hello everyone    I am new to cluster programming in MPI. I have a master-slave program structure. Can anyone tell me, how to execute my MPI program on thi type of setup?

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The answer depends on how you have your program set up.  If you are using a single program that recognizes based on rank number whether it is a master or slave, then you simply run as normal.  For example, if you are running 64 total ranks, using the hostfile ./hosts, you would run:

mpirun -f ./hosts -n 64 ./a.out <args>

If you have one binary for the master and a different binary for the slave, you can use an argument set to run.  So if you have 1 master rank and 63 slave ranks, you'd use:

mpirun -f ./hosts -n 1 ./master <master args> : -n 63 ./slave <slave args>

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