Intel OpenCL SDK doesn't support cross-development still

Intel OpenCL SDK doesn't support cross-development still

I rised this issue with SDK 2012 release.

Your SDK refuse to install on non-Intel PC. But it's nonsense! Cross-development exists for decades, peoples build Windows apps on Linux platforms and vise versa, single development host can produce apps for numerous platforms with quite different hardware and system software... but not your OpenCL SDK.

For what reason should developer re-create full development environment just to build OpenCL app for your GPUs?

At that time this issue was acknowledged by Intel support stuff... but what we see now? Intel SDK 2013 released but still refused to install on non-Intel PC. It's very inconvient. Fortunately, OpenCL app can be built with AMD SDK instead of your.

That's what I will do. But why you bother to maintain own SDK - that's the question... Hope next SDK update will solve this issue at last.

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We have captured this feedback and will consider to include your ask in future releases.


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