Problem with FGMRES method

Problem with FGMRES method

Ritratto di enriczhang

Dear All,

I have been programming in fortran using RCI FGMRES to solve large sparse linear system. However, when the system size is very large, say, 10^5, the program hold on the dfgmres_init and never ends the initialization, so I cannot even see any error message or warning. For smaller size, it works well. The program was run on clusters in double precision.

Besides, some files named like 'nfs00000000013801a80000000a' will be generated during the un-ending dfgmres_init.

So, hope someone can see the problems or even a guideline will be appreciated.

Many thanks.


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Ritratto di enriczhang

Hi All, glad that I have found the problem as a typo in parameters.

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