Download link for Smoke source are broken.

Download link for Smoke source are broken.


I am unable to download the Smoke source from your website, everytime I try it I get a network error.
Does anybody manage to download it ? Or is it a server issue ? Thanks


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I was able to download it.  I got the 1.2 source. It took me several times to get it though, as I kept getting "failed downloads".  I'm not sure what the difference was the final time, other than I didn't have other downloads going at the same time. 

I used this link:

I think there might be another link to download it, but I was able to successfully get the source twice from this location.

It would not build in VS2012 because of a few problems:

1)  I had to #undef a Havok define that was causing a weird compiler error.  Not sure what was up with that.

2)  I had to download the source to FreeImage.Lib.  I then changed all the projects to use MultiThreaded DLL, and built the FreeImageLib project.  Not doing this, I got tons of linker errors where the FreeImage.lib couldn't find a lot of stuff in the std namespace.  From there, I just put the new FreeImage.h and FreeImage.lib in the respective places that Smoke wanted them, and it was happy again.

You still get some warnings, but I was able to successfully run the demo in VS2012.

I hope this helps anyone else that was screwed up.

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