ippiLn link error

ippiLn link error

 when I compile ippiLn_32f_C1IR download ipp with new version,ERROR "ippsmt.lib(psln_w7---ippsLn_32f_I.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _w7_ippsLn_32f_A21@12 referenced in function _w7_ippsLn_32f_I@8". What's wrong?

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Same thing here.


is not included in the library, while ippsLn_64f is there.

This is not new, this is in 8.0 and was also in 7.1.1 !


how did you link this example? please look at the ippi.h file - you can find there the declaration of this natural logarithm -- therefore you need to add ippi.lib or ippimt.lib into linking line ( depends on what dynamic or static version you would like to have ) 

For the 1st one -

you should  also link ippVM library - ippSP and ippIP libraries depend on it.

regards, Igor

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