Xcode 5.1 unsupported?

Xcode 5.1 unsupported?

Tried updating Xcode to 5.1, but it seems to have dropped my FORTRAN 14.0 compiler after multiple attempts to re-install the compiler after the upgrade.  Downgraded Xcode to 5.0.2 and everything works fine again.  Not sure what Apple changed, but it looks like Xcode 5.1 doesn't support the Intel FORTRAN compiler once again.

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Yes it is not currently supported. From a previous inquiry here, the Xcode 5.1 should be supported in our next Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 3 which is tentatively coming in the late April timeframe. There is also a suggested work around in the previous inquiry you could try if interested.

Thanks! Didn't catch the previous post in the C++ forum -- sorry for the double tap!

No apology necessary. It was not a problem and we appreciate the inquiry. The other thread was "hot of the press" so your post was timely and helps spread the news to our Fortran customers, so thank you.

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