Problem with running program on mic

Problem with running program on mic


I trying a run a simple file-open program on mic0 but the program fails (does not open file but terminates gracefully!) when i run it from the host machine and succeeds (program opens the file on mic0))when i run it directly from the mic card

I have cleared the firewalls, and i do

I_MPI_MIC = enable

% scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/bin

% scp /opt/intel/impi/* mic0:/lib64/.

here is my run command:-

/opt/intel/impi/ -host mic0 -n 1 ~/a.out



 thanks for the help in advance

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I managed to solve the issue, the problem was i needed to add "/root/filename" for it to open from the host,

without the "/root" host was not able to find the file on mic0 i guess


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