Program cannot build when setting device to "1"

Program cannot build when setting device to "1"


I have a laptop with both intel haswell chip and intel HD 4400 GPU

I have VS 2012 and the 2014 beta opencl sdk installed.

I have taken the median filter sample and modified it to run my own kernel.

Using the default device "0" (CPU), everything works fine. 

But, if I set device to "1", then I get an error when trying to build the opencl kernel.

i.e. when calling clBuildProgram












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Hi Aaron,

Is this the same issue as you reported at What error are you getting when calling clBuildProgram()?


Hi Raghu,

Yes, this is the same issue I reported in

The error is an access violation. So, something in this kernel makes the compiler sad.

The program works fine for two AMD GPUS that I tested on, and also Intel CPU.

You can simply run my github project to reproduce.



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