Is MKL plan to implement the parallel sparse blas?

Is MKL plan to implement the parallel sparse blas?

I know the MKL can deal with the sparse blas. It is very useful for the finite element coding. However, for the parallel computing, it needs parallel sparse blas. So, Is MKL plans to implement the parallel sparse blas? It will be very useful for the parallel finite element simulation.

Furthermore, I found in the forum that the MKL will implement the MPI based pardiso in version 11.2. So, when it will be released?

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Almost all MKL sparse BLAS functions are parallelized with multi-threading.

MPI-based PARDISO, a.k.a. cluster PARDISO, will be available in MKL 11.2, which will be released in September 2014. You can now join the 11.2 Beta program to give it a try months ahead of the final release. Keep an eye on the MKL forum for more details about the Beta program that will be posted very soon.



I'm sorry, I did not express clearly the problem. I means that MPI-based sparse blas, not parallelized with multi-threading. Is there any plan?

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