subroutine UMAT

subroutine UMAT

some help please !

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What you have shown is a subroutine which is not a complete program. The build failed, most likely because you don't have a main program, but you didn't show the earlier error messages in the build output.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


I noticed that the UMAT subroutine shown in the screen shot is an Abaqus FEA user subroutine.  Typically the UMAT.for user subroutine will need be placed in the same directory as the Abaqus input file, and the "user=umat.for" syntax will need to be added to the Abaqus command line so that Abaqus can compile and link to the user subroutine when running the analysis.  And you will usually also need to run the Abaqus analysis from the initialized "Abaqus command" CMD (DOS) form so that the environment variables are correctly initialized.  From the Start button on Windows, go to All Programs/Abaqus/Abaqus Command.

If you want to test the UMAT subroutine by itself (which is a good idea) from within Visual Studio, you will need to add a main program that calls umat and provides the needed input values.



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