Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA - Release Notes version 0.5.3407.54

May 2013 - version 0.5.3407.54

Legal Information

NOTICE: The current BETA program ended on Dec 31th, 2013. The Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA is no longer available.


Legal Information
Operating System and Hardware Requirements 
Installation Notes 
Supported APIs 
Known Issues and Limitations 

1 Introduction

This release of the Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool – BETA provides a standalone development tool that helps mobile app developers to migrate native Apple iOS* applications to HTML5 technologies. This tool converts the source code of the original iOS application into a new one using only HTML5 technologies. Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool – BETA currently supports Microsoft Windows* 8 OS and generates a Microsoft Visual Studio* 2012 project (where available).

2 Operating System and Hardware Requirements

Supported Operating System

  • Systems running any version of Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (where available).

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 4GB of RAM memory.

  • 200 MB free disk space required for the product installation in all architectures.

The free disk space required for execution depends on the size of the original application.

3 Installation Notes

Please, see for download and installation instructions.

Changing, Updating and Removing the Product

If you want to add components or remove them, open the Control Panel and select the Add or Remove Programs applet, select “Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool – BETA” and click Change. To remove the product, select Remove.

4 Supported APIs

Apple iOS SDK API calls translation support: This version mainly supports API calls translation for UIKit and NSFoundation frameworks. See the Technical Reference for further details.
Apple Xcode* Interface Builder files (.xib files) support: This version supports the translation of a subset of the properties and features of the supported API calls (i.e., translation of UIKit API calls). See the Technical Reference for further details.

5 Known Issues and Limitations

  • Apple Objective-C++* support: This version does supports the translation C++ or Objective-C++* files. Please, do not include them as input or strip the C++ code from those files, if possible.
  • Storyboard support: The tool supports the translation of views on XIB files. However, XIB using storyboards are not supported.
  • Pointers and numeric type: Pointer arithmetic is not supported and data types such as C long long, Complex, and unsigned are all translated into JavaScript numbers.
  • Functions with variable number of arguments: The translations of C functions with a variable number of arguments is not supported and it may generate a processing error.
  • For each: The use of for each construct with some types such as NSSet, may generate JavaScript code with errors.
  • @synchronize support: The @synchronize construct is not supported and does not implement any synchronization mechanisms in the generated code.
  • @try @catch support: The @try @catch constructs with multiple @catch are not supported.
  • Categories on unsupported APIs: User-created categories on classes that are not supported by the API translation and it may generate code that contains errors.
  • Objective-C literals: the use of Objective-C literals ( is not supported.
  • @synthetize support: The use of customized synthetized variable names is not supported and may generate code with errors.

6 Documentation

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