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If you are an app developer and want more information about Intel® Wireless Display Dual Screen applications, this web site has many resources including source code, white papers, resource links, and videos.

Intel WiDi and dual screens: how they work together

Dual Screen applications provide a new user experience taking advantage of two screens; your PC or tablet and your TV. A dual screen-aware app can provide a simple user interface for searching, curating, and configuring on the PC with a natural touch interface while displaying the media and related content on a large format TV screen with a quality sound system. This all happens using Intel WiDi technology, an implementation of the Miracast industry standard, on both Windows* 8.1 (desktop and Modern UI apps) and Android* 4.2.2. Since this is all based on industry standards, the number of compatible devices is growing rapidly. Over 50 million PCs have shipped with Intel WiDi software preinstalled and about 15 million receivers have been certified as of 2013.

One app, two screens

Intel WiDi technology creates a wireless connection, using existing Wi-Fi* in your Intel® architecture-based PC, tablet, or smartphone, to a Miracast receiver; a TV, STB, OTT, or an adapter. With Intel WiDi running there are no additional apps needed on the TV or receiver. One application running on your PC controls both screens. The app can format the TV screen to smoothly display animated social network feeds, photo streams, and play videos, even multiple camera angles, all at the same time. Since the app is running on the PC, the full throttle capability of the CPU and GPU is available! The only requirement of the receiver is to receive and play the 1080p video sent by the PC. There is no other dependence on the software, CPU, or Wi-Fi radio of the receiver. To create a Dual Screen app the developer uses the same Windows desktop APIs for any second monitor (Intel WiDi, HDMI, VGA, etc.). For Windows Modern UI or Android there are simple APIs to expose a second surface for the application to render to.

Introducing Intel® WiDi on Windows 8.1
Intel WiDi Changes Everything! - Learn about Intel WiDi from this introductory video.

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How to Enable Intel® Wireless Display Differentiation for Miracast* on Intel® Architecture-based Android* phone
Wireless display technology is becoming more and more popular on Android* phones and tablets since Google started supporting Miracast on Android 4.2. This article introduces how to enable dual display differentiation for Miracast by showing a case study of enabling iQiyi online video player and WPS office on K900.

Windows* Dual Screen Intel® WiDi Application
This paper explains how to write a Microsoft WPF application that displays on a dual screen configuration. Sample application code is available for download.

A Different Kind of Dual Screen Experience - Control & Consume
A Windows* programmer's first hand experience with Intel WiDi as an end user - detailing some of the frustration and the joys of current software to utilize dual screens.

Dual Video Android* Apps Using Intel® WiDi Technology Whitepaper
This is an Android application that demonstrates how to play back video on an external display over a Intel WiDi connection on Intel Android devices that support Intel WiDi. By setting up the audio manager correctly and using a service to manage the presentation class, the video on the Intel WiDi display can continue to play uninterrupted while playing a separate video on the primary display or swapping out to another application. Any separate application or video on the local display are also able to use their own audio stream on the phone’s speakers without interrupting the audio accompanying the video on the Intel WiDi display.

Windows* Dual Screen Intel® WiDi Application
This paper explains how to write a Microsoft WPF application that displays on a dual screen configuration. Sample application code is available for download.

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An Interview with Intel WiDi Evangelist Steve Barile
Posted 09/23/2013
Intel WiDi is an Intel technology that allows you to share anything on your PC or mobile device wirelessly on your television, in high definition, surround sound, and low latency, supporting interaction with your favorite apps and digital platforms

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Dual screen Windows* Store apps

There is exciting news from Microsoft about dual screen apps in Windows* 8.1. Finally Windows Store apps can span both screens and provide the dual screen app experience users are coming to expect. Follow these links to the MSDN web site for Windows Store app sample code.

  1. Projection sample (Windows 8.1)
  2. ProjectionManager class
  3. ApplicationViewSwitcher class

Here is a link to the ver 1.1 release of Intel® WiDi Media Share dual screen application. This is a great example of user experience supporting Intel WiDi and WEL under Windows 7/8 and the charms “Project” menu under Windows 8.1. It is available via the Intel WiDi page:, or directly from the app download page. WHAT'S NEW: Works with the Intel WiDi app under Win 7/8 and with Win 8.1 charms "Project" menu. There is now faster flick animations and audio plays while flicking photos.

Dual screen presentations at IDF2013

This Dual Screen App presentation from Steve Barile was delivered at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Sept ’13 in SFO. This includes Win7/8 and Win 8.1 user experience, some cool dual screen app ideas, and more.

Windows* Presentation (Steve Barile):
EXPS001 - Intel® Wireless Display Technical
Overview: Enabling Dual Screen Applications

 Xavier Hallade delivered a great presentation at IDF on developing dual screen apps for Android*.

Android* Presentation (Xavier Hallade):
SFTS002 - Using the Second-Screen API and Intel® Wireless Display from Android* Applications

MTV's dual screen app

Intel worked with MTV and their ISV iStreamPlanet to create the MUSIC EXPERIMENT (requires IE9+) dual screen app for Win 7/8. It is a video on demand (VOD) player for a series of concerts that are sponsored by MTV summer ‘13. All concerts are being recorded by 5 cameras and the app enables the user to view a thumbnail for each angle and choose which one to watch full screen. If dual screen is available then the user can show any camera angle on their TV!

Nerd HQ is a collection of interviews from Comic Con '13. These are all shot with 3 cameras and this app enables the user to choose the camera angle. You can download the app from Nerd HQ video page, click here to directly install.