Rebuild and Rerun Analysis

To check if your edits resolved the Memory leak problem:

Rebuild the Application

If you are using the Visual Studio* IDE:

  1. Choose Build > Clean Solution.

  2. Choose Build > Project Only > Build Only memory_issues.

If you are using the Standalone Intel Inspector GUI:
  1. In the previously opened command prompt window, change directory to the nqueens_fortran directory.

  2. Type devenv nqueens_fortran.sln /Clean.

  3. Type devenv nqueens_fortran.sln /Build.


    Do not be concerned if you see a Build: 1 succeeded, 1 failed message because of static analysis build errors.

Rerun the Analysis

To run another analysis of the same analysis type:

  • From the Visual Studio* menu, choose Tools > Intel Inspector XE 2013 > Memory Error Analysis / Detect Memory Problems.

  • From the Standalone Intel Inspector GUI menu, choose File > Memory Error Analysis / Detect Memory Problems.

The Summary window automatically displays after analysis (both collection and finalization) completes successfully:
Summary window

Notice the Intel Inspector:

  • Created a new result tab: r002mi2.

  • No longer detects the Memory leak problem.

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