Setting and Using Intel Advisor Environment Variables

Intel Advisor:
  • Provides the ADVISOR_XE_2013_DIR environment variable that you can use to specify additional include directories when compiling, so the compiler can find the Intel Advisor include file that defines annotations. For more information, see the help topic About Using the Intel Advisor Annotation Definitions File (use the link below under See Also). The ADVISOR_XE_2013_DIR environment variable should be defined when you use the predefined command prompt or execute the environment script file (see Setting Up Your Command Line Environment).

  • With C++ parallel Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) programs, the TBBROOT environment variable must be defined, so your compiler can locate the installed Intel TBB include directory. See the help topic Defining the TBBROOT Environment Variable (click the link under See Also below).

For example, to view and set the ADVISOR_XE_2013_DIR environment variable:

  1. Open a command line window.
  2. View the current definition of the ADVISOR_XE_2013_DIRenvironment variable. For example type: set ADVISOR_XE_2013_DIR
  3. Use a set command to set the ADVISOR_XE_2013_DIR environment variable. For example: set ADVISOR_XE_2013_DIR="C:\Program files (x86)\Intel\Advisor XE 2013"
  4. To always set this variable on the current system, add this definition to your system or user environment variables using Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment variables
  5. To test the definition of an environment variable, open a command window and type a set command.

You have set the ADVISOR_XE_2013_DIR environment variable.

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