Run General Exploration Analysis

After building the sample application and collecting baseline performance data for it, rerun it under the scrutiny of Intel® VTune™ Amplifier to discover what parts of the code are being most used and see what hardware resources are being used there. General Exploration analysis collects event and IP information over a wide net of hardware issues that might affect application performance. In this tutorial, General Exploration analysis is ran on the Intel Core™ i7 processor based on the Intel microarchitecture code name Nehalem but this analysis type is also available for other types of architectures.

To run the analysis:

  1. From the VTune Amplifier toolbar, click the New Analysis button.

    The New Amplifier Result tab opens with the Analysis Type configuration window active.

  2. From the analysis tree on the left, select the Microarchitecture Analysis > General Exploration analysis type.

  3. Click the Start button on the right to run the analysis.

Analysis Type Configuration Window

VTune Amplifier launches the matrix application that calculates matrix transformations before exiting. When the application exits or after a predefined interval, depending on how the collection run was configured, collection is completed and the VTune Amplifier enters the finalization process, where data are coalesced, symbols are reconnected to their addresses, and certain data are cached to speed the display of results.


To make sure the performance of the application is repeatable, go through the entire tuning process on the same system with a minimal amount of other software executing.

Next Step

Interpret Results

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