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Appena pubblicato! Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor High Performance Programming 
Nozioni di base sulla programmazione per questa nuova architettura e nuovi prodotti. Novità!
Intel® System Studio
Intel® System Studio è una soluzione completa di suite integrate di strumenti per lo sviluppo del software che può accelerare i tempi di commercializzazione, rafforzare l'affidabilità del sistema e migliorare l'efficienza energetica e le prestazioni. Novità!
Nel caso vi sia sfuggito: 2 giorni di riproduzione del webinar dal vivo
Introduzione allo sviluppo di applicazioni a prestazioni elevate per i coprocessori Intel® Xeon® e Xeon Phi™
Structured Parallel Programming
Gli autori Michael McCool, Arch D. Robison e James Reinders usano un approccio basato su modelli strutturati che dovrebbero rendere l'argomento accessibile a ogni sviluppatore di software.

Offrite ai clienti applicazioni dalle prestazioni massime grazie all'uso della programmazione parallela con le risorse innovative di Intel.

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Intel® Parallel Studio

Intel® Parallel Studio offre agli sviluppatori Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ dei tool avanzati per ottimizzare le applicazioni client per i sistemi multi-core e many-core.

Prodotti Intel® per lo sviluppo di software ›

Esplorate tutti i tool che vi aiutano a ottimizzare per l'architettura Intel. Alcuni tool sono disponibili per un periodo di valutazione gratuita di 45 giorni.

Knowledge base dei tool

Vi si trovano guide e informazioni di supporto sui tool Intel.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor code named “Knights Landing” - Application Readiness
Di Indraneil Gokhale (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/15/20140
As part of the application readiness efforts for future Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors (code named Knights Landing), developers are interested in improving two key aspects of their workloads: Vectorization/code generation Thread parallelism This article mainly talks a...
Accelerating Financial Applications on Intel® architecture
Di George Raskulinec (Intel)Pubblicato il 04/29/20150
Download PDF Accelerating Financial Applications on Intel Architecture [PDF 575.55KB] Download File QuantLib_optimized_for_IA.tar.gz [TAR 522.48KB] Abstract:   A paper titled Accelerating Financial Applications on the GPU compared GPU vs. CPU performance using four QuantLib library financial ...
Introducing Batch GEMM Operations
Di Zhang Z (Intel)Pubblicato il 04/28/20150
The general matrix-matrix multiplication (GEMM) is a fundamental operation in most scientific, engineering, and data applications. There is an everlasting desire to make this operation run faster. Optimized numerical libraries like Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) typically offer parallel ...
Intel® IPP - Threading / OpenMP* FAQ
Di Naveen GvPubblicato il 04/08/20157
This page contains common questions and answers on multi-threading in the Intel IPP.
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Intel® Parallel Studio XE SP1 & Intel® Cluster Studio XE SP1
Di kathy-farrel (Intel)0
Intel® Parallel Studio XE SP1 & Intel® Cluster Studio XE SP1 - What's New - Webinar Tuesday, September 17 9am PDT Please join us for a technical presentation on the new features found in the recently released Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013 SP1 Intel® Cluster Studio XE SP1. This release includes support for compilers and performance analysis on Intel® Xeon Phi™ on Windows*. The technical presentation will briefly cover new features for both C++ and Fortran on Linux*, Windows*, and OS X* operating systems as well as error checking and performance profiling tools. Learn how to efficiently boost your application performance! Not too late! - Register Now  Learn about Upcoming Webinars
igzip 'make' problem
Di gq L.1
Hi   I download and modify YASM path of Makefile   but it doesn`t make .exe file   I don`t know igzip execution sequence   If you have document about igzip, plz share it.   Thank you
igzip 'make' problem
Di gq L.0
Hi I download and modify YASM path of Makefile but it don`t make .exe file I don`t know igzip execution sequence If you have document about igzip, plz share it. Thank you
error when compile parsec with icc.
Di sun l.0
error when compile with icc. What's "/opt/intel/cc/latest"? it doesn't exist on my machine. should i make a cc fold? ---------- [root@amax parsec-3.0]# cd /opt/intel [root@amax intel]# ls bin                     composerxe  ism       mic     cnc                     impi        lib       mkl     include     licenses  mpi-rt     ipp         man       tbb [root@amax parsec-3.0]# whereis icc icc: /opt/intel/bin/icc [root@amax parsec-3.0]# whereis cc cc: /usr/bin/cc --------------  some config of icc.bldconf # CC_HOME is the installation root of the C compiler   export CC_HOME="/opt/intel/cc/latest"   #  export CC_HOME="/opt/intel/bin/" when i changed CC_HOME to "/opt/intel/bin/", still error     ----------- [root@amax parsec-3.0]# parsecmgmt -a build -c icc [PARSEC] Packages to build:  blackscholes bodytrack facesim ferret freqmine raytrace swaptions fluidanimate vips x264 canneal dedup streamcluster [PARSEC] [========== Build...
Parallel Image Processing in OpenMP - Image Blocks
Di Royi5
Hello, I'm doing my first steps in the OpenMP world. I have an image I want to apply a filter on. Since the image is large I wanted to break it into non overlapping parts and apply the filter on each independently in parallel. Namely, I'm creating 4 images I want to have different threads. I'm using Intel IPP for the handling of the images and the function to apply on each sub image. I described the code here: The problem is I tried both sections and parallel for and got only 20% improvement. What am I doing wrong? How can I tell each "Worker" that though data is taken from the same array, it is safe to read (Data won't change) and write (Each worker has exclusive approach to its part of the result image). Thank You.
Di Rafael R.2
Hi, In our university bought a machine with CO-PROCESSOR PHI. The description in the site: It is reported that there is no support JAVA yet. The answer is 2013 and we are already in 2015. Is there a Java option for coding? Tks Rafael
Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Developer Training Coming to a City Near You in 2015
Di Mike Pearce (Intel)0
Mixing kernel space and userspace in a new kernel.
Di Jog L.0
Hello, I was thinking of creating an open source kernel (with block already written in the linux kernel obviously). Now I would like to hear from experts what are the dangers to run in ring0 if no users and no external connections are done. We are in a situation in which the processor is isolated from the whole world. No one can mess with it. all the processes running on top of it have to register and are created and compiled by root using a specific memory range. No process can be launched without the acceptation of root. No human accesses it. The code running inside is reviewed and we have facilities to be sure no other memory range than the one we expect each process to use can be used. That is for the -restrictive- context. Now, could we imagine it be possible for such a kernel to exist or are there some limitations that I don't predict ? The kernel is to be massively specialized, hence the "almost starting from scratch". Thanks for your insights, Jog
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