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  1. changes in CEAN implications re vectorization in next release?


    Apr 24, 2015 ... It used to be that CEAN was equivalent to aggressive pragmas like ivdep or simd. In spite of the announcement that OpenMP 4 pragmas will ...

  2. building static libraries


    7 nov 2013 ... I solve this linking with the static libraries (libmmds.lib, svml_disp.lib...) and adding the following pragmas to the project that builds the .lib file:

  3. openmp omp tasking environment variables for 11.0.074 / linux


    Dec 18, 2008 ... I tried using both intel and omp pragmas, but the documentation seems to be ... I' m ok with using either, but if you suggest using intel pragmas, ...

  4. MultiThreading with MKL library nonlinear least square solver


    Jan 21, 2014 ... Just want to make sure I don't have to put any pragmas in the cycle. while( not_converged). {. dtrnlspbc_solve(OPTION); //intel mkl function ...

  5. Italiano


    Or maybe some specific pragmas, like: #pragma warning( push ) # pragma ... warning to explicitly diagnose unrecognized OpenMP pragmas separately.

  6. update 3 breaks BUILD_DATE use in omp simd reduction max


    May 8, 2014 ... to enable building with various versions of ICL. gcc seems not to benefit from these pragmas, although they are accepted. 14.0 update 3 ...

  7. Segmentation fault with ifort -openmp


    25 nov 2008 ... i.e The program runs with ifort < > -o failes with ifort -openmp -o (Even after commenting(removing) the OMP pragmas) I have tried increasing ...

  8. Cordova Plugin Barcodescanner


    Oct 8, 2015 ... ... -Wuninitialized -Wno-unknown-pragmas -Wno-shadow -Wno-four-char- constants -Wno-conversion -Wconstant-conversion -Wint-conversion ...

  9. Order of Intrinsics


    ... for one loop iteration as well as the align, shuffle and arithmetic instructions. Let's make two very very simplified examples (without the omp pragmas):

  10. unaligned loads avx-128 vs. -256


    to see differences between CEAN and C with pragmas: icl -O3 -Qstd=c99 - Qopenmp -Qansi_alias -QxHost -Qunroll2 -Zi -Qvec-report7 -c loopsv.c 2>&1 | .

  11. How to protect code from triggering MIC build on non-MIC nodes


    17 lug 2015 ... Hello, we have two clusters in-house, one with MIC cards and another without. When we build code with OpenMP 4.x pragmas or functions for ...

  12. What other arguments does -qopenmp enable?


    10 nov 2015 ... That is, there are no OpenMP pragmas in the code, no OpenMP support functions , and omp.h is not included, but the results are slightly ...

  13. Getting tuning advice at source code level, when using openmp


    21 giu 2005 ... You can then proceed to source code view" is this becuase i use openmp pragmas in my program? (just an assumption because i dont get this ...

  14. AVX alignment requirement


    15 nov 2008 ... To avoid breaking applications where VECTOR ALIGNED directives/pragmas are used with Intel compilers, those directives would have to ...

  15. ICC vs GCC vs LLVM/Clang


    icc has become more dependent on pragmas to keep ahead of gcc. ... With use of pragmas, in my experience icc can vectorize more loops effectively than gcc, ...

  16. loop with indirect addressing does not vectorize


    When I downloaded your example, the indentation of your pragmas didn't ... containing a single CEAN statement would not "port" the pragmas into (onto) the  ...

  17. OpenMP does not like fmax/fabs


    I find that these don't vectorize for icc without addition of pragmas, but when I add pragmas to promote vectorization, a majority of those involving reduction are ...

  18. Optimizing Video Based Application for Intel Atom


    9 giu 2014 ... If you have hot loops that are not vectorized you should try to get them vectorized using compiler pragmas or by rewriting or reordering the ...

  19. Libiomp5.so Segmentation Fault


    Sep 14, 2010 ... stacksize unlimited. I have tried compiling with -heap-arrays as per http://software .intel.com/en-us/articles/openmp-option-no-pragmas-causes.

  20. #pragma warning format changed?


    27 mag 2011 ... Please show a complete example where you think these pragmas are not working. I created this example which works as expected: !% cat t.cpp.

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