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  1. Estensioni ISA - Intel AVX | Intel® Developer Zone


    Per supportare una domanda crescente e modelli di utilizzo in evoluzione, offriamo Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) per continuare la nostra  ...

  2. Estensioni ISA | Intel® Developer Zone


    le istruzioni Intel® AVX-512, Intel® Secure Hash Algorithms Extensions e Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX) che saranno presentate nei ...

  3. Choosing between AVX and SSE2 at run time


    Sep 29, 2015 ... In my case, my processor has AVX instructions available, but I would like to test the SSE2 path as well. Is there any way I can do this, or must I ...

  4. AVX platform question


    14 gen 2014 ... Dear all, until now we were using only Westmere X5650 base machines. Now Ivy Bridge E5-2670V2 nodes arrived. To get benefit from AVX I ...

  5. Intel® AVX Special German and United Kingdom Discussion 2010 ...


    We will be inviting the top forum participants to to an event in early May 2011 to talk with Intel® Software Black Belts and Intel engineers about Intel® AVX and ...

  6. IPP on Windows XP on machines with intel AVX instruction extension


    We are trying to get a intel Xenon E5 series processor(with intel AVX instruction set extension) for our project. However, due to legacy issues, we have to adopt ...

  7. AVX in MKL


    AVX in MKL. Iscriversi a AVX in MKL · Termini di utilizzo · *Marchi · Privacy · Cookies; Pubblicazioni. Newsletter Intel® Developer Zone · Rivista Intel® Parallel ...

  8. AVX coding examples


    1 feb 2011 ... I found some good C/C++ coding examples for using AVX to solve different mathematical and modelling problems here: ...

  9. Using AVX for algorithms


    4 apr 2011 ... ... but should probably add this as a blog post. Assuming that this is true, AVX sounds to me like a good solution for algorithm implementations.

  10. What is _MM_SHUFFLE macro meaning in the context of AVX


    26 ago 2014 ... Hi guys, I really do not understand yet the _MM_SHUFFLE macro meaning in the context of AVX _mm256_shuffle_ps() (For SSE, it's Ok).

  11. post AVX killer apps here


    Nov 17, 2010 ... I was wondering which applications will profit most from AVX extensions. There are some AES, fp and integer math operations. Please post ...

  12. request for a demo project of using AVX asm


    Mar 1, 2015 ... Hi I'm studying and trying to use AVX-256/512 instructions/intrinics, but I could not find a good demo/example for new starters. If there is a ...

  13. Question about get Gflops and AVX performance


    Oct 19, 2014 ... I want to get Gflops and AVX performance. The PCM tools seems not support. What else I can do, in order to get Gflops and AVX? Any help will ...

  14. CPUID AVX-512F


    14 ott 2013 ... The latest release of SDE appears to allow support of AVX-512 instructions. However, I seem to be having trouble querying the processor ...

  15. Status of intel AVX meeting in MUC?


    10 feb 2011 ... Michael Larabel has AVX benchmarks online for Linux:http://www.phoronix.com/ scan.php?page=article&item=intel_avx_gcc&num=1 he's in ...

  16. Detecting AVX


    24 ago 2011 ... The program says that this processor DOESN'T supports AVX. When I check the result of cat /proc/cpuinfo in linux, avx is missing from the flags.

  17. VUNPCKLPS (VEX.256 encoded version) AVX instruction ...


    VUNPCKLPS (VEX.256 encoded version) AVX instruction mislabeled as UNPCKLPS. Nathan Weeks. Gio, 09/10/2014 - 10:57. The Intel® 64 and IA-32 ...

  18. AVX-512 _mm512_castsi256_si512


    21 giu 2014 ... Hello, I am new in MIC programming I am using AVX-512 registers. My code is:

  19. AVX slower than SSE?


    9 dic 2011 ... Hello, I attempting to use SSE and AVX instructions to optimise my program. I have 3 versions of my code: Scalar, SSE, and AVX. After much ...

  20. Enabling and Disabling AVX in Visual Studio 2010


    26 lug 2011 ... Hai, Please provide answers for these following issues. 1)Please help me in finding some option to enable and disable AVX in visual studio ...

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